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Ionian Inspires…Cricket

After the success of last year’s Ionian Inspires event in London, as part of the series of activities associated with the World Travel Market touristic exhibition, the Region of the Ionian Islands presents another unique event. The theme of this year’s Ionian Inspires is cricket in Greece, and the establishment of an International Cricket Festival in the Ionian Islands.

HISTORY: The march of history in Corfu, from ancient times until the present day.
NATURE IN CORFU: Get to know Corfu's unique natural heritage.
LIFE TODAY: Feel the pulse of the island, with its strong cultural connections, its devout religious celebrations. Learn the words you will need.

SIGHTSEEING : The whole island on a detailed map. Find all the beaches and all the places of interest on the island.
TASTE: Get to know and enjoy all the traditional flavours.
ENTERTAINMENT: from sunset to sunrise.
SPORT: Sport offers you a unique opportunity to see Corfu in a different way.
SHOPPING: Discover gifts for yourself and your friends in one of the best shopping areas in Greece.


All the airline and shipping connections to and from Corfu

Transport around the island from local buses to horsedrawn cabs.

PLAN YOUR JOURNEY taking into account not only the weather but also the events you should not miss..
EASTER in Corfu. Everything you need to know..
CARNIVAL unusual customs of the Corfiot villages.

FIND THE HOTEL, VILLA OR CAMPING SITE where you will stay according to your requirements.

Only a few miles away from Corfu, but many miles further away from its busy life, on the small islands which surround it a peaceful, bright, cool day dawns. Verdant Paxos and the unique Diapontia Islands are exceptionally beautiful, have their own culture and certainly their own way of life. Get to know them.

By Jim Potts

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