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Welcome to one of the richest shopping areas in Greece. Corfu's shopping streets are a mirror of its history and many of the goods you wil find on sale there will take you back in time to the Corfiot market-place of the 19th century. Objects and goods from Corfu's natural resources and its popular traditions will enchant you with their quality and originality.

Gold and silver is worked with a skill which has its origins in Byzantium, with Western influences. The jewellery that you will find here has been made by local craftsmen, unique pieces at reasonable prices.

The manufacture of ceramics is also an old story in Corfu, where artisans have been producing them since ancient times to meet the needs of the inhabitants.

Handcrafted carved wood ornaments and useful objects are what you would expect to find on an island with so many millions of olive trees. Incomparable work is on display at family-run workshops in the old town and in the countryside.

Koum Kwat in the form of both a liqueur and a sweet preserve is on sale everywhere and everyone buys it. It is not the most unusual purchase but it is perhaps the most essential ('You went to Corfu and you didn't bring me back some Koum Kwat?')

It is not difficult to find local honey with its delicate flavour and discreet fragrance, considering the abundance of ingredients (dampness-flowers-bees) and it is just what is needed to complete a good breakfast.

Wine from local grapes is of excellent quality but is hard to find due to the lack of materials. The few systematically cultivated vineyards, the peculiar subsoil and the heavy rainfall limits the production of the wine so praised by Homer. Where it does exist however, weather permitting, it is of exceptional quality and well worth sampling.





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