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The combination of Corfu's natural wonders, its sea and its history ensure that as today's visitor, whenever you visit the island, wherever you stay, whatever type of person you are, you will find original and interesting ideas for sport and recreation. In a place with at least 130 years of experience in tourism, strongly influenced by the French and British and of course by Venice, in a place accustomed to being the meeting place of the international 'jet-set' for many decades, the opportunities for sports and similar activities are bound to be exciting..

You will find below some ideas on what is available for your enjoyment in Corfu today. Use the Search to look up more details of the 'who-where-and how' of the activity that particularly interests you, as well as the 'agenda' which will enable you to look up the current sports events. Enjoy yourself!

The lush vegetation, the abandoned villages, the isolated little churches, and the gently undulating countryside, make walking in Corfu exceptionally satisfying. Rare wild flowers, Venetian and Byzantine buildings, 'secret' lakes and little streams, are all to be found on your route as you make you first 'off road' excursion..Several of the island's municipalities have organised networks of footpaths, clearly marked and with resting points, greatly facilitating your rambles through the natural beauty of Corfu.

These days over 6000 people a year visit Corfu for the sole purpose of a bicycling holiday. Exactly twice that number rent bikes on the spot for several days of their holidays. They all consider Corfu to be a paradise for the enjoyment of their hobby. With a bike, you can go to places otherwise accessible only on foot, you can get the feel of the place and the people, you can experience its peace and tranquility. What is more, even at the height of the season, on the fifteenth of August say, you can find a deserted beach and swim alone. A slow bike ride along shady lanes, the feeling of pleasure as you ride through a stream - these are experiences you must know.

The Good thing about golf is that it can be played anywhere in the world as long as there is a golf course nearby. And in Corfu there is indeed a golf course - with 18 holes- and one with a fine reputation. Not only does it offer all the facilities a golfer needs, but it is also situated in an unusually beautiful setting which will not fail to delight you.


The first time tennis was played in Greece was in Corfu towards the end of the nineteenth century. From that time, the descendants of the 'good families' have continued to be involved in this sport which has now gained ground with a wider level of participation. Apart from the historic 'Tennis Club of Corfu' a new private club has been established, while tennis courts exist at many of the island's hotels. It is important to know that every summer, world tennis championships are hosted by the island.

Few places in Greece offer as many opportunities for horse-riding as Corfu. The thick vegetation, the numberless abandoned footpaths, and the customs left behind from the days of the British Protectorate, today offer the rider a uniquely enjoyable experience. Whether you are experienced or a beginner, Corfu's riding clubs can provide you with the right mount and the expert companion who will guide you to the places that only a good horse can reach


The tradition of 170 years is carried on today in the only place in Greece that takes cricket really seriously. Five clubs and two fine pitches are at your disposal if you wish to visit with your own club or on your own, to enjoy your favourite sport. Official tournaments and friendly matches take place all through the summer in Europe's most atmospheric setting - the Esplanade in the historic centre of Corfu.

The geographic position of the island, its beauty, the many fine anchorages in the surrounding area, the mild climate and the international airport, all constitute positive factors in the promotion of sailing tourism. In a place famous since ancient times for the nautical skills of its inhabitants, you will today find one of the biggest and most beautiful yacht marinas in the Mediterranean, attracting hundreds of boats from all over the world. There are numerous yacht charter agencies in the area around the marina and also in the town of Corfu. Bookings are best made early, but it is always possible to find an available yacht even at the last minute. The possession of a skipper's licence is essential. Charter rates vary according to the season, the type of boat and its size, but as an example we can quote the amount of drs 15 - 20,000 per person per day. If you take into account the reduction in costs of food and transportation, then it is clear how reasonable this kind of holiday can be.

Corfu is at the forefront of all underwater activities. The island's coastline and bays, its headlands and endless reefs, constitute a paradise in miniature for diving fans of all ages. From June onwards the sea is warm enough for comfortable diving, and whether the aim is to harpoon a fishy nibble to share with friends later, or underwater photography, or just an undersea wander with mask and breathing gear, Corfu's fantastic underwater landscape will not disappoint you. If you hold a diver's certificate you must know that Corfu is one of the few places in Greece where scuba diving is permitted without restriction

If you have no previous experience of this sport, do not worry. You do not need to be an athlete, nor do you need to be able to hold your breath for five minutes. You only need to be in good health and to be able to swim. If you wish to learn, just contact one of the ten diving centers and schools, which are scattered all round the island, and arrange an introductory dive. All the centers and schools provide experienced teachers and full equipment. As an example, the cost of obtaining a one-star diploma (the first grade, which gives you the right to dive as an amateur) is 60 - 70,000 drachmas and the tuition lasts one or two weeks. Seriously, would you come to Corfu and miss the chance of a little dive?,

At all the island's main beaches there are floating platforms where professional instructors can initiate you into the magic of a ride across the waves with skis, jet-ski, parachute or a windsurfer. More traditionally (and more slowly) there are pedaloes and canoes for hire, for a brief trip of exploration or to take yourself off to the isolation of some deserted beach. Safety measures are strictly observed and regularly checked and the professionals take their job seriously, so do not be concerned - water sports in Corfu are both safe and enjoyable..

Fun and excitement on the waterslides has several possibilities in Corfu. Apart from Aqualand, one of Europe's biggest water parks, at least three or four (to date) serious enterprises have organised parks for recreation and amusement, observing all modern safety requirements. Perfect for the little ones, relaxing for the adults, a visit to one of these parks will refill your batteries and thoroughly amuse your children.




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